Harlot Hands type artwork by Leah Maldonado 


Harlot Hands is an independent brand/jewelry project based in Los Angeles that explores myth, magic, and narrative symbology by creating hybrid earth-human wearable instruments. With simultaneous prehistoric and futuristic qualities, animal and insect imagery emerge through original handcrafted pendants and rings as both weaponry and shelter.  These forms aim to provoke and harmonize with the complexities of femininity, performance, and presentation in a hyper-consumerist world that is constantly yearning an unknown belonging. Pearls, gemstones, and found pendants form symphonies on signature HH intricate complex necklaces to raise questions about the relationship between the body and adornment, and where that line dissolves. 

Established in October 2020, we are a team of two (Gemini and Aquarius) people (currently) operating in Los Angeles with active fine art practices. Every product is managed, handmade, or assembled by us alone, and therefore we operate on a made to order model in order to reduce waste and manage labor distribution. We appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you for supporting our small business! 🤍🤍🤍

All sales are final. Shipping is worldwide! For inquiries or support please use the contact form on this website or email contact@harlothands.com <3


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